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Waterjet Explained

Hall MFG’s waterjet cutting services are a great solution for many end users who require consistent quality and flexibility in terms of order quantities and lead times.

The waterjet cutting process is achieved by pressurizing water to over 50,000 PSI (sometimes as high as 95,000 PSI) and then releasing that pressure through a small jeweled orifice. The stream then travels into a chamber where it is mixed with an abrasive agent and ejected through a carbide tube down into the work piece.

Unlike other cutting methods, waterjet does not create heat in order to melt or vaporize material in the cutting process. Waterjet essentially is a super accelerated erosion process that uses water as the propellant. No heat means no material deformation or hardening and lets waterjet cut parts be handled very easily in secondary milling and fabricating processes.

In many cases, secondary operations can be avoided altogether due the accuracy of Hall MFG’s machines. Accuracy levels vary from part to part, however it is common to see tight tolerances (+/- .005”) in standard production runs.

The variety of materials that Hall MFG’s waterjets can cut is unmatched. Any metal, rubber, or plastic can be processed, as well as fragile materials such as stone and glass.

Hall Manufacturing Services can process nearly any material that originates in a plate, sheet, or flat bar. Call us today at (816) 463-4825 to discuss your specific needs.

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